Can A Pacifier Stop A Baby From Bonding?

Having a baby is one of the greatest joys of any parents life. Making sure their baby is safe and happy is always a concern, so when a baby starts to feel uncomfortable during the inevitable teething period, the use of a pacifier is one of the ways to deal. The debate is still out though about whether this is good or not and recently in the Wall Street Journal, they have published an article on the negative effects it can have which you can read here.

Baby Pacifier DebatePacifiers Interfere With Parents Bonding

Here is a quick summary but according to the article, a baby pacifier will actually get in the way of a baby’s face, thus not being to properly express their facial expressions to their parents. Also, in reverse, a baby is also not able to mimic the facial expressions of their parents or other surrounding adults which clearly is important in helping them to develop emotionally while at this tender age. For us it’s not clear if this really is a direct correlation but we’ll leave you to interpret it and make the decision for yourself.

This research is fully backed by a study where in the University of Wisconsin- Madison, 20 women were recruited to view various photographs of two different infants who had happy, sad, angry or neutral expressions. Of course, the pictures were taken with the baby using a pacifier as well as without to distinguish how the women would interpret it.

Electrodes were attached to record their facial reactions and that was how the study was conducted to get the results. Granted, this is such a small sample and didn’t include men, so making this statement may have been a bit premature for WSJ to publish. Would you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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